Original scientific publications

Recommendations for Forensic non-human DNA Analyses

ISFG: recommendations regarding the use of non-human (animal) DNA in forensic genetic investigations [2011]
Linacre,A.; Gusmao,L.; Hecht,W.; Hellmann,A.P.; Mayr,W.R.; Parson,W.; Prinz,M.; Schneider,P.M.; Morling,N.

Recommendations for animal DNA forensic and identity testing [2005]
Budowle,B.; Garofano,P.; Hellman,A.; Ketchum,M.; Kanthaswamy,S.; Parson,W.; van Haeringen,W.; Fain,S.; Broad,T.

Forensic Canine DNA Analyses

The LASSIE MPS Panel: Predicting externally visible traits in dogs for forensic purposes [2023]
Heinrich,J.; Berger,C.; Berger, B.; Hecht, W.; Phillips, C.; Parson, W.;

Towards Forensic DNA Phenotyping for Predicting Visible Traits in Dogs [2021]
Berger,C.; Heinrich,J.; Berger,B.; Hecht,W.; Parson,W.; CaDNAP Group

Forensic characterization and statistical considerations of the CaDNAP 13-STR panel in 1,184 domestic dogs from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland [2019]
Berger,B.; Heinrich,J.; Niederstätter,H.; Hecht,W.; Morf,N.; Hellmann,A.; Rohleder,U.; Schleenbecker,U.; Berger,C.; Parson,W.; CaDNAP Group

Dog breed affiliation with a forensically validated canine STR set [2018]
Berger,B.; Berger,C.; Heinrich,J.; Niederstätter,H.; Hecht,W.; Hellmann,A.; Rohleder,U.; Schleenbecker,U.; Morf,N.; Freire-Aradas,A.; McNevin,D.; Phillips,C.; Parson,W.

Validation of two canine STR multiplex-assays following the ISFG recommendations for non-human DNA analysis [2014]
Berger,B.; Berger,C.; Hecht,W.; Hellmann,A.; Rohleder,U.; Schleenbecker,U.; Parson,W.

Sequence analysis of the canine mitochondrial DNA control region from shed hair samples in criminal investigations [2012]
Berger,C.; Berger,B.; Parson,W.

Canine DNA Profiling in Forensic Casework: The Tail Wagging the Dog [2009]
Berger,C.; Berger,B.; Parson,W.

Molecular characterization of the canine mitochondrial DNA control region for forensic applications [2007]
Eichmann,C.; Parson,W.

A proposal for standardization in forensic canine DNA typing: allele nomenclature of six canine-specific STR loci [2006]
Hellmann,A.P.; Rohleder,U.; Eichmann,C.; Pfeiffer,I.; Parson,W.; Schleenbecker,U.

Estimating the probability of identity in a random dog population using 15 highly polymorphic canine STR markers [2005]
Eichmann,C.; Berger,B.; Steinlechner,M.; Parson,W.

A proposed nomenclature for 15 canine-specific polymorphic STR loci for forensic purposes [2004]
Eichmann,C.; Berger,B.; Parson,W.

Canine-specific STR typing of saliva traces on dog bite wounds [2004]
Eichmann,C.; Berger,B.; Reinhold,M.; Lutz,M.; Parson,W.

Forensic Feline DNA Analyses

Forensic animal DNA typing: Allele nomenclature and standardization of 14 feline STR markers [2014]
Schury, M.; Schleenbecker, U.; Hellmann, A.

Forensic Cervine DNA Analyses

Phylogeography and population genetic structure of the European roe deer in Switzerland following recent recolonization [2022]
Vasiljevic,N.: Morf,N.; Senn,J.; Pérez-Espona, S.;Mattucci,F.; Mucci,N.; Moore-Jones,G.; Pisano,S.; Kratzer,A.; Ogden,R.

STRoe deer: A validated forensic STR profiling system for the European roe deer (Capreolus capreolus) [2021]
Morf,N.V.; Kopps,A.M.; Nater,A.; Lendvay,B.; Vasiljevic,N.; Webster,L.M.I.; Fautley,R.G.; Ogden,R.; Kratzer,A.

Forensic Species Identification DNA Analyses

A case study of ivory species identification using a combination of morphological, gemmological and genetic methods [2020 ]
Cartier,L.E.; Krzemnicki,M.S.; Gysi,M.; Lendvay,B.; Morf,N.V.

DNA fingerprinting: an effective tool for taxonomic identification of precious corals in jewelry [2020]
Lendvay,B.; Cartier,L.E.; Gysi,M.; Meyer,J.B.; Krzemnicki,M.S.; Kratzer,A., Morf,N.

Coral-ID: A forensically validated genetic test to identify precious coral material and its application to objects seized from illegal traffic [2022]
Lendvay,B.; Cartier,L.E.; Costantini,F.; Iwasaki,N.; Everett,M.V.; Krzemnicki,M.S.; Kratzer,A.; Morf,N.V.

Developmental validation of Oxford Nanopore Technology MinION sequence data and the NGSpeciesID bioinformatic pipeline for forensic genetic species identification [2021]
Vasiljevic,N.; Lim,M.; Humble,E.; Seah,A.; Kratzer,A.; Morf,N.V.; Prost,S.; Ogden,R.

Species identification by means of the cytochrome b gene [2000]
Parson,W.; Pegoraro,K.; Niederstätter,H.; Föger,M.; Steinlechner,M.


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